The purpose of studying the discipline - the formation of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities in the field of information technology, including vision of the role and place of computer technology in various areas of human activity, science and education; understanding of the basics of modern information technologies and trends in their development; skills of participation in the development of the information environment of professional activity; understanding the principles of construction and operation of computer systems, organization of computational processes on personal computers and their algorithmization, construction of simple information models, analysis of the results, the use of modern information technology in professional activities.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • The student demonstrates knowledge of the basic concepts, categories, terminology of modern information technologies, is acquainted with tendencies of their development and possibilities of use in the field of professional activity.
  • The student demonstrates an understanding of the principles of work, methods of effective use of hardware and software for working with electronic documents; basic mechanisms of data exchange, basics of computer networks
  • The student demonstrates the ability to use information technology tools to solve practical problems, in particular, to work with economic data.
  • The student demonstrates the ability to choose software to solve the task before him
  • The student demonstrates practical skills in the use of information technology in education, business and everyday life; possession of standard methods of work in the local network; use of Internet tools to search for educational and economic information, use of cloud technologies.
  • The student demonstrates the ability to build their own information security, protect personal information from computer viruses and unauthorized access.
  • The student demonstrates the ability to think creatively in the selection of information technology tools to solve professional problems, evaluate and analyze the results.